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10 Things We Learned About Weddings From Planning Our Own…

Hello world! Welcome to our new blog :) Here we will occasionally share our thoughts, experiences and tips that we’ve figured out since beginning this business a few, short years ago. 

We got married this past October, and from planning a wedding, we definitely feel empowered to share a few things that we learned along the way.

  • NUMBER ONE: Planning a wedding isn’t (or doesn’t have to be) as stressful as everyone makes it seem! Being organized is numero - uno. If you aren’t keen on the idea of planning this on your own, I’d advise you to revisit exactly what it is that you are fearful of in planning this wedding. Like anything, it all seems so abstract and overwhelming until you break it down into bits and pieces. Make a list of the top three things that are most important to you; Florals? Outfits? Photos? Decor? Catering? Venue? The list goes on… and NO, this list doesn’t have to include everything that you saw at your cousins wedding last summer or everything that your mom is telling you that you need! Which leads me to my next tip…

  • NUMBER TWO: This is YOUR day, together, celebrating YOU TWO as a couple! Make it as personal to you as possible. Ask vendors to meet with you before you hire them to see if your vibes match!  We hired a commissioner that fully understood us as a couple. She asked us questions like “what is important to you?” and “how did you meet?”. We searched around for a lodge that had huge windows and sat on a mountain side, but also served as what our guests described as “a big house party”. We didn’t have a sit down dinner, and just had appies on the go everywhere. Not everyone had a specific seat, but this way had everyone mingling and later on, DANCING! Exactly what we wanted. We also had an open mic period, and soooo many great speeches throughout the night. Our dear friend Desiree Dawson even sang a beautiful tune. Make decisions and try to do things differently. Just know that you don’t “need” to have what everyone thinks you need to have to make your wedding day great. 

  • NUMBER THREE: Discuss a budget and stick to it. Understand that you get what you pay for. Expect to compromise on some things, but not your top 3 as discussed previously. Ask friends and family to help out. They will be honoured to spend time with you helping you prepare for your big day. It took a village to put on ours, and I’m so grateful to every pair of hands that it took to make it happen. 

  • NUMBER FOUR: You don’t have to invite everyone. And you don’t have to make sure everyone is okay with every decision you make. If you are a Grade-A people pleaser like me, there will be points during planning your wedding that you may feel somehow selfish for having the wedding that you want to. And as stated before, sometimes that means compromises, but people will understand, and if they don’t, then why are they even in your circle?

  • NUMBER FIVE: Show your wedding vendors exactly what you want, but give them the freedom to “do their own thing”. We’ve been sooooo lucky so far with our amazing clients. They just get to be themselves and give us creative freedom. If I notice a person with a more specific vision, I ask if they have photos to reference. Then everyone is on the same page and beautiful things happen! I’ve been to weddings where the girls are in the salon for two hours, and end up not totally loving their hair or makeup. Bring photos and show the artists what you have in mind, and I’m sure they can make whatever you have in mind happen for you! We asked our friend Jess Smith Music to play some music for our guests before we walked in, and she ended up writing us a song because we just said “do your thing girrrrl”.

  • NUMBER SIX: Okay, this one might sound crazy! I did my OWN MAKEUP for our wedding. All of my bridesmaids did! BUT, I got Face By Meagan and her team to come in and teach us how to do our own makeup. WE KNEW NOTHING. None of us. Like, nothing, nadda, ziltch. Any of us. So the morning of my bridal shower, we all got together, had mimosas and learned how to do our own makeup. It was so much fun! And now I actually know how to do my makeup. I really loved my makeup on the day of my wedding. I totally felt like myself, but a glamorous, more bad ass version. *It should be noted that I also had a super amazing friend Emily help me apply my lashes. She had taken years of dancing and so was a pro. This takes practice!*

  • NUMBER SEVEN: Don’t over Pinterest it! Yes, you can borrow ideas from it (heck, that’s what the internet is for!). Most of us haven’t planned a wedding before, so consulting with Pinterest is an obvious and beautiful thing to do when freshly engaged. Just take those ideas and find ways to make them your own! It’s super rewarding. Sometimes, the simpler and more personal, the better. Just do you.

  •  NUMBER EIGHT: The real Floral Bouquet is worth it! Even if you have no other florals at your wedding at all, treat yo’self with a beautiful Bridal Bouquet. You can dry it and have it as an indefinite piece of artwork in your house. Hire a GREAT Florist that understands your vision. I had a big wild bouquet, shoutout to the gals at The Green Petal, but had pretty simple but beautiful greenery elsewhere! 

  •  NUMBER NINE: Keep it simple! Having everything in one or two locations throughout the day ensures everyone is (hopefully) on time, safe and stress free! For the non-traditional folk, having a “first look” before the ceremony will actually allow you to transition directly into your reception from your ceremony. It is also such an intimate way to see each other. It takes stress away from walking up the aisle, knowing that you’ve already had a chance to give a great-big-bear hug to your significant other. It doesn’t take anything away from the experience either, I think if I was feeling any more emotions as I walked up the aisle, my head would have popped right off! Ha!

  • NUMBER TEN: When the week, the night before, the morning of rolls around, remember why you are doing this in the first place, and all the stress will melt away. The people that are with you are there to help, and are just as excited/nervous as you. So when the tensions inevitably rise at some point on the road to your wedding, take deep breaths and know that it’s the marriage that matters most. My cousin gave me a great tip the night before my wedding–don’t forget to WRITE DOWN how you are feeling the night before, and your favourite memories of the wedding day as soon as you have a spare five minutes to! Being able to go back and reflect on this is really powerful, and will be cherished forever.


Our Venue & Catering: Lizard Creek Lodge

Our Photographer: Lisa Klassen

Our Florist: The Green Petal

Julia’s Dress: Zarucci from Sweet Pea & Noelle

Luke’s Hat: Stetson

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